✅ We will end this beautiful week by having a look at a short brief of our greatest achievements until now:
⁃ We succesfully performed two amazing private sale events, SOLD in only a few hours;
⁃ Raised up to 1 million dollars in just two pre-sale events;
⁃ Built a huge community of over 2k telegram users, based on 4 different language channels;
⁃ We managed being advertised until now in two online publications, all of these without investing in marketing;
⁃ Signed a partenership with ReBlonde, one of the coolest top 3 PR agency in crypto, globally;
⁃ Announced an awesome APY % in staking, which will be introduced soon;
⁃ We are ready to be listed on international exchanges, already having signed with at least 2 of them.
⁃ Signed partnerships with great companies, like DexKit, Whirl Finance and SpyreSync;
⁃ And last but not least, having the most promising Premium Freelancing Platform under develpment, on the market. 🎖

Hello 👋 . I am Mihai Sebastian Sararu, CEO of Lanceria. As you probably already know, we aim to create a unique platform (ecosystem) for talented artists