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The Lanceria Testnet Platform is Now Live

Are you ready to join the Lancerian freelancing movement?

To have unprecedented freedom to work from anywhere in the world? To access gigs perfectly-matched to your skills, interests and passions? To enjoy quality time with family and friends or learn a fulfilling new hobby? To balance a fulfilling career with a thriving personal life?

Imagine being part of a community of Lancerians with similar ambitions and interests that you can collaborate with. Who can support you with practical advice to advance in your career, to manage your time and finances more efficiently in order to achieve your goals, to refine your communication skills for more effective interactions with your clients.

Imagine that the ideal person who can help you take your business to the next level or develop a personal project is just a few clicks away. That you can always call on passionate freelancers to turn your dreams into reality.


We are the modern knights who are taking charge of our professional lives in ever increasing numbers. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in how people relate to work, their needs and aspirations. We are the Gen Z and Millennials who strive for a better work-life balance, better mental health and general wellbeing. Who seek work that is fulfilling and tailored to our values. We care about making a positive change in the world, about the societal and environmental impact of the businesses we associate with.

At Lanceria, we strongly believe that the flexibility and satisfaction freelancing brings should be easily available to all. To those who wish to work remotely monetizing their skills and passions, as well as to the businesses and individuals who want to access this incredible talent pool.

Our mission is to build Lanceria into a community of people who work individually, or together through Alliances, in a financially secure and fun environment.


The future of work is now closer to you. The Lanceria Testnet platform is up and running, ready to welcome its first freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Be among the first freelancers to make your skills and passion noticed by completing your profile and portfolio now! Be one of the first businesses or entrepreneurs to access a fresh talent pool! Your chance to stand out and claim the lead of your professional and personal life is now within your grasp.

100 000 LANC REWARDS for the first 1000 Lancerians who create a profile

Are you a seasoned freelancer looking to try something new? Lanceria is here to help you to step up in your career and accomplish what you desire. Are you just starting out on your freelancing journey? On Lanceria you can find likeminded people to connect with through our Mentorship scheme who can support you in this freelancing adventure. Whether you choose to work alone or collaborate with other Lancerians through Alliances, Lanceria utilizes the latest technology for a seamless experience. Are you working on a start-up or a personal project? Lanceria will facilitate your access to an incredible talent pool of passionate freelancers and Verified professionals to see your dream come alive.

“We invite you to be among the first 1000 Lancerians to join the freelancing world we are creating and benefit from 100 000 LANC in total rewards, as well as access to a dedicated Discord channel where you can interact more freely with the team and share your vision and desires for the project.”

Mihai Săraru, Lanceria Co-founder, who has been a freelancer himself for years and truly cherishes the freedom, flexibility, and self-determination of freelancing, is also looking forward to close future collaboration with Lancerians.

“We want to give a heartfelt thanks to our community for the support they’ve been showing us these last few months and these early adopters, these Lancerians, will remain close to the project in terms of future decision making and access to opportunities such as the Lanceria Empowerment Academy.”


Robert Tudor, Lanceria’s COO, is also looking forward to the future potential of the platform and what the team have planned.

“All Lancerians who create a portfolio and finalize the KYC by November 1st will be rewarded with a free NFT collectible airdrop. This NFT will bring owners some cool future utility, so we warmly encourage our community to embrace this opportunity.”

After months of development and fine-tuning with an incredibly dedicated team, we are now ready for the Lanceria platform to go live and onboard both freelancers and beneficiaries. We value and priorities our user experience and the security of their assets. This is why, at the beginning, transactions will be made using a dummy token to ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely. This dummy token will be later replaced with the LANC token, so you will have access to everything you’ve earned during this trial period.

How to Become a Lancerian

Go to the Lanceria Testnet, sign up, fill in your information and add portfolios for your various specialties. Don’t forget to tell us what you think! We truly value our community and welcome feedback on all Lanceria social media channels. Together, we can address the needs and desires of current and future generations of freelancers in a fun, safe, transparent, and exciting environment. Please tell us what features you’d find most useful on Lanceria, what aspects of design and user experience most suit your needs.

We’d also like to thank all of you who have already made a profile on our Testnet — thank you for letting us know how we can further improve and pointing out some of the bugs you have encountered, so that we can refine the platform and work towards offering the best experience to our Lancerians.

Join us on Twitter to be the first to know about future development and partnerships. We’re always on Discord and Telegram to answer any questions you might have.

About Lanceria

Lanceria is an AI-enabled low-commission freelancing marketplace open to cryptocurrency payments. The platform removes fees from contractors and keeps commission minimal on the employer side, while also working to build machine learning tools to match every freelancer with their perfect gig. Lancerians benefit from a fun working environment, opportunities to upskill and learn the ins-and-out of freelancing through mentorship schemes, as well as the infrastructure to handle projects as a team through Alliances.

Built by successful freelancers with ample blockchain and AI experience, Lanceria strives to transform the freelancing ecosystem with trust and transparency. Join now at

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