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At Lanceria, we strongly believe that the flexibility and satisfaction freelancing brings should be easily available to all. To those who wish to work remotely monetising their skills and passion, as well as to the businesses and individuals who want to access this incredible talent pool.

Our mission is to build Lanceria into a community of people who work individually, or together through Alliances, in a financially secure and fun environment.

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Lanceria is an AI-enabled low-commission freelancing marketplace open to cryptocurrency payments. The platform removes fees from contractors and keeps commission minimal on the employer side, while also working to build machine learning tools to match every freelancer with their perfect gig.

Lancerians benefit from a fun working environment, opportunities to upskill and learn the ins-and-outs of freelancing through mentorship schemes, as well as the infrastructure to handle projects as a team through Alliances. Built by successful freelancers with ample blockchain and AI experience, Lanceria strives to transform the freelancing ecosystem with trust and transparency.

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